In 2009 I was living the American Dream. I was married to the girl of my dreams, I had two amazing daughters, my income far exceeded anything I had ever imagined and my business was doing great. I had the luxury of being able to live a lifestyle that allowed me to travel for pleasure almost half the year. I had a home on acreage, nice yacht, speedboat, RV, multiple motorcycles, sea doo’s and about every other toy you could imagine, as well as a bank account filled with more cash then I knew what to do with. By all measures anyone from the outside would say I was doing great and “living the American Dream.”

I wasn’t. In reality, I was in the darkest and most empty point of my life. I felt like I was on the edge of death. I was drinking heavily to mask my internal pain and cope with my anxiety, which came on daily like clockwork. My anxiety was so bad at times I couldn’t handle being in public for fear of breaking down. Each day I would try to present a respectable façade to conceal my pain and anguish from my wife, kids and business associates. If you asked me if I had everything I wanted, I would have said yes, everything except happiness and peace at mind. I was at a loss, I really didn’t understand what was going on, I felt hopeless and didn’t see a potential solution or direction to go.

It wouldn’t be long until my marriage would finally fail. Sadly, I was already in so much pain and broken on the inside that I let it go without any fight or concern. If I was capable of suicide, I would have been happy to go just to alleviate the constant pain. Fortunately for me, I had my kids so that could never be an option. No matter how bad it got, I knew I would always at minimum continue to exist for their sake. Pretty inspiring way of living, isn’t it? 

Life can only get so bad before you eventually hit rock bottom and one day I finally did. Literally in the confines of about an hour, everything changed. I was down and depressed at the deepest level, then it hit me! I had this overwhelming thought that nobody should have to endure this type of pain, there has to be a reason for it and a way to avoid it and I needed to find it. My thinking shifted from my pain to that of others and I decided, if I’m going to be here, regardless of my happiness, I would dedicate my life to finding a solution and way to avoid the type of pain I felt. I started with a very simple goal, I figured if I could help two people avoid this pain, it would be worth my life’s effort.

Over the next few years I would immerse myself in every self-help program, psychology book, strategy or technique related to finding happiness and fulfillment that I could get my hands on. I was optimistic, there was a lot of great information out there (way more than anyone can comprehend), my challenge was how to make it accessible and usable without it needing to be someone’s lifelong pursuit. I knew I would have to massively simplify it, but how do you do that? It’s a tremendously complex topic and everyone is different, so how it affects any one person is unique. It seemed an impossible task but only one outcome was acceptable to me, so I continued on.

About 3 or 4 years in I awoke in the middle of the night to a dream or vision if you will, of how some of the key elements of psychology worked together and by understanding these, you could strategically work to serve a few elements and the others would automatically fall into place. As crazy as that sounds, it was an amazingly compelling experience and like no other I’d ever had. So I got up, grabbed a pen and paper, and mapped it all out over the next couple hours. This was a huge breakthrough, instead of having to focus on every aspect of an encyclopedias worth of knowledge, it could be limited to a few critical elements. The way this came about may sound a little mysterious or hokey, but I believe it was a result of being seriously immersed in my pursuit. My conscious thoughts and efforts were feeding my subconscious mind which was seeking an answer. Eventually after enough information and time processing, it all came together. This was the first critical element in discovering The Human Power Code.

Obviously, it would be silly to just take this at face value and believe it, regardless of how much sense it might have seemed to make. So over the next few years I continued to challenge the concept by putting it into practice. I used it in finding solutions to complex business situations, relationship challenges, depression, happiness, fulfillment and so on. If someone was happy or fulfilled in life, they were in alignment with this discovery, if they were unhappy, depressed, angry, etc., you would find they were out of alignment. Restore their alignment and their emotional state was transformed from negative to positive consistently. This was an exciting time! I even used this discovery on myself to influence and control my depression, it was very empowering.

Then a few years later when working with a friend on some complex life challenges he and some others he knew were going through, another breakthrough happened. This would complete The Human Power Code methodology and make it more easily understood and usable. Essentially this would allow for discovering and incorporating someone’s personality into the formula. As humans we all have things that are true in each of us, yet we also have individually unique attributes. Understanding and being able to decode both typical and unique aspects that influence a person’s overall level of wellbeing is powerful. For the individual, if they understand their own code, they can better steer and control the outcome of their lives. This can also be used externally as a powerful means of influence and or control over others, for good or bad. If a person or business for that matter understands the Human Power Code and can decode you, they can influence you in ways that make it almost futile to try and resist, you won’t want to because what they are doing will feel good. Knowing your own code can put you back in control. If what they are influencing you towards will ultimately not be good for you, you’ll be able to see it and understand why, then act accordingly.

This was extremely exciting for me, I had found what I had spent years searching for. Now what? I’m typically a shy person, I like to work in the background, like Oz behind the curtain, I don’t desire or want the attention. The last thing I had ever envisioned for myself was becoming a vessel for sharing this type of information. I certainly wasn’t looking to do it for the money, I luckily have numerous ways of making money and a lot more than I can make doing something like that. But what other option was there? In my eyes, there was only one way to get this information out there. I would have to challenge myself and grow through my weaknesses. That sounds great, but I’m a guy that literally played hooky from school every time we had an oral report to give. I recall getting caught and actually having to get up in front of the class and give an oral report, I was shaking like a leaf and stumbling over my words, this was not for me. The hunt and desire to find and share this message in an attempt to help people avoid unnecessary pain and suffering was what pulled my life back from the edge, so there really is no other choice. Here I am! I have sacrificed numerous financial opportunities, love relationships and other hardships to make it to the point of being able to bring this information to you. I hope you’ll find it every bit as helpful and life changing for you, as it has been for me. This is all part of fulfilling my life’s purpose, I have no regrets from any past hardships or sacrifices. Regardless of the challenges, making this available has become one of the most pleasurable and fulfilling things I’ve ever done.


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Mastering your universe is not about achieving some force-driven control over the events in your life; it’s about understanding how to influence and achieve a positive and sustained emotional state. Life is unpredictable and substantially out of our control. The only thing we can truly control is our response in the moment to our current life conditions. Mastering your universe means accepting the things we cannot change for what they are, continually working to maintain alignment, and serving the needs of our HPC while living a life filled with purpose through a lifestyle we find interesting and enjoyable. When we meet these conditions at a high enough level, we can achieve spiritual alignment in life, which is the ultimate emotional state and confirmation that we are living life to our fullest potential.


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